Coronavirus | The Army already distributes food in La Matanza: delivers 24 thousand rations per day

The national army began this Tuesday with the operations of food preparation and distribution for the most vulnerable areas from the Buenos Aires town of The slaughter. In the midst of the quarantine, they will give 24 thousand food rations per day to parishes and dining rooms.

The logistics and organization work started on Sunday. And this Tuesday at noon 21 trucks The force was already leaving with food dishes freshly prepared from “El Torero”, the premises of a sports center in Rafael Castillo, which constitutes one of the seven distribution points that will operate in the district.

Army personnel prepare food at the installed posts. (Photo: Twitter / @Ejercito_Arg).

There will be a total of 111 soldiers among all the stalls, which will be installed this week. From there they are in charge of setting up the tents and cooking together with volunteers. “When all the points are working, we will be distributing 24 thousand servings daily“he detailed Juan Ignacio Muela, Undersecretary of Media of the Municipality of La Matanza, a TN.

“A portion of an adult soldier is taken into account, that is to say that for a boy it will be much more quantity,” he explained about the amount of food included in the portion. “No end date of the operative. For now, while the quarantine lasts, “added the official.

La Matanza has at least two million inhabitants, and more than 40% they have food, labor and housing problems. In the 121 popular neighborhoods or district emergency settlements lives more than 150 thousand people.

There will be 111 soldiers in total working at the food distribution posts. (Photo: Twitter / @Ejercito_Arg).
There will be 111 soldiers in total working at the food distribution posts. (Photo: Twitter / @Ejercito_Arg).

Along these lines, the objective of this mega-operation is guarantee a plate of food those who have the worst time during the period of isolation. “We noticed that a lot of people are going to the dining rooms that usually do not. But today, unfortunately, has no income and he has no choice, “added Muela.

The Army personnel that participate belong to the regiments of Grenadiers on Horseback General San Martín; Infantry Regiment 1 Patricians and Infantry Regiment 1 Iriarte.