Coronavirus: develop a “disinfection booth” to prevent contagion in prisons

Before the advance of coronavirus in Argentina, the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB) reported that it is developing a disinfection chamber to avoid the arrival of the disease at prisons. Through it, they will eliminate possible microorganisms found in the clothes and belongings of the agents who perform functions in the detention centers.

The system consists of a metal cabin covered with nylon that has a pressurized sprayer. Once inside, the latter sprays the clothing and equipment of the personnel who work in direct contact with the detainees with disinfectant and thus prevents the spread of the virus.

“The disinfection chamber has the approval of the doctors who work in our prisons. They stressed that this is one more preventive action, “he said. Hugo Piedrabuena, head of the Florencio Varela Penitentiary Complex.

In addition, the official maintained that the implementation of this new methodology will bring more tranquility to the prison population and the agents, adding that “work is being done to replicate in the rest of the prisons in the Province.”

Finally, Piedrabuena stated that the development of the cabin is possible thanks to the joint work between detainees and prison officials, and its components include recycled elements in the blacksmith shop of Unit 42 of Florencio Varela.

How does the system work

About the use, SPB sources explained that before entering the cabin the agent disinfects your boots on a cloth with bleach, then come in and pull a bar that starts the spraying motor. Thus, from the top of the chamber the disinfecting liquid falls with the particularity that it does not wet or moisten the uniform or its belongings.

Once outside the chamber, gel alcohol or wash your hands for 40 seconds, and then put on the chinstrap and enter the prison. Furthermore, they indicated that everything the process is supervised by the shift manager, as an extra preventive measure.

They also pointed out that “the construction of these structures emerged at the dialogue table promoted by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, held in prison establishments, in which the authorities and referents of the different pavilions in the framework of the pandemic participate. by the coronavirus. “

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