The Nasdaq 100 rises 3.96% in the session on March 30

Positive day for the Nasdaq 100, which ended the session on Monday, March 30 with large increases in 3.96%, until the 7,889.01 points. He Nasdaq 100 scored a maximum of 7,902.09 points and a minimum of 7,651.43 points. The listing range for the Nasdaq 100 between its highest and lowest point (maximum-minimum) during this day it was located in the 3.17%.

Compared to the last week, the Nasdaq 100 marks an increase in 12.59%, which is why for a year it has still maintained a rise in 6.91%. He Nasdaq 100 a 18.83% below its maximum this year (9,718.73 points) and a 12.79% above its minimum assessment for the current year (6,994.29 points).

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