Quarantine: Queca, the 105-year-old grandmother who asks her grandchildren not to go out

In the middle of the mandatory quarantine period, both the Government and the experts are asking to strictly respect the period of quarantine, which was extended to all of Argentina until the end of Easter week, to reduce the spread of coronavirus in the country.

For that reason, “Queca “, a 105-year-old grandmother who will celebrate the 106th on May 1, wanted to send a special message through a video, which reached the screen of TN. “For my four grandchildren”he says to the camera clearly.

“Guys, I’m 105 years old, I’m going to turn 106, I ask you please to stay in your houses, as long as necessary, please“asked the grandmother in a few seconds, but sending a powerful message of awareness.

According to the numbers released by the Ministry of Security of the City of Buenos Aires, only in the district there is a total of 2466 people detained or delayed since the quarantine began on March 20, for transit Without justification.

In this period, according to the experts, it is vitally important to respect social isolation to avoid multiplying the spread of Covid-19.