Coronavirus: there were long lines at the ATMs, but the distance was respected

Long lines, some from several blocks, were seen this Monday in front of the ATMs from many localities in the country. As of the last business day of the month, hundreds of people collected their family allowances, social plans, or pensions.

Unlike last week, when videos of the people crowded on the sidewalks, exposing themselves to coronavirus, now there was a greater organization and the corresponding distance between those who waited.

In front of the Piano de San Justo bench, for example, Civil Defense personnel put chairs in the middle to guarantee the space required among clients; at the same time every so often disinfected the sidewalks where there was a line. According to customers, the ATMs were also disinfected during the day.

In any case, the wait to reach the ATMs, which were highly demanded for the payment of assets, was not less than an hour, and even much more during the morning.

However, the situation in the vicinity of the Banco Nación de González Catán was different. Although people kept the recommended distance of one and a half meters, there was no disinfection of any kind, neither from the sidewalks, nor from the ATMs, which are constantly touched by thousands of people.

Last week the government had anticipated this situation, so it is considering reopening the banks to reinforce attention.


The request for those who should not collect any credit exclusively from an ATM, and only wish to withdraw cash, is that they go to alternative sources such as some supermarkets and service stations They offer this possibility free of charge.

It is also recommended to do as many operations per home banking and other digital platforms, to decongest ATMs and collaborate so that they do not run out of money.

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