Coronavirus | A woman died in La Rioja and there are already 26 victims in the country

He Ministry of Health of La Rioja confirmed the first death from coronavirus in that province, which raises the number of victims in Argentina to 26.

It is a 52 year old doctor who was admitted to a private clinic. This Tuesday also confirmed the death of another woman in Resistencia, Chaco.

“We report that at 00:35 on Tuesday, a 52-year-old woman died, admitted to a Private Institute in the Capital. She was admitted to intensive therapy with mechanical ventilatory assistance for severe respiratory failure with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19“reads the statement from the provincial health ministry.

And continued: “We accompany your family and loved ones in this painful moment

The patient was admitted to the Mercado Luna clinic in the capital and on Monday it was confirmed that she was infected with Covid-19. She was a pediatrician and had been the first case in La Rioja.

Death in Chaco

Ana Maria Tonzar, 63, died in Resistencia, Chaco, as a result of the coronavirus. The victim had no travel history, but was confirmed contact with the first two cases in the province.

According to the province’s health authorities, he had taken mate with a 71-year-old doctor who, along with her daughter, returned from Spain on February 28.

It is the fifth fatality in this province as a consequence of the virus. According to health authorities reported to local media, the woman had entered the clinic a few days ago and, before being diagnosed with COVID-19, had a serious episode of respiratory insufficiency.