Coronavirus: a City Police officer tested positive and 63 of his colleagues are in quarantine

This weekend the first case of coronavirus positive in the City Police. Now it became known that he is an effective native of Temperley, in Lomas de Zamora, who works in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito. The man felt bad, went to a guard and while waiting for the results went to work. Now, there are 63 of his colleagues in quarantine.

The cash fulfilled its tasks at the corner of Pedro Goyena and José María Moreno avenues. According to what transpired, at one point he began to feel hot, to feel that he had a fever and, when he returned home, he was treated at a clinic in his area.

There, they gave him paracetamol to take every 8 hours for a week and they sent him home to await the results swab, on the condition that it had to be isolated. Nevertheless, went to work the same and, on Tuesday, the result of positive covid-19. It is there when the authorities of the Security Forces understood that his companions could also be infected and they sent them to their homes to comply with the mandatory quarantine.

At the moment, he was hospitalized, there are others four troops, also admitted to a clinic, to whom they made the swabs, Y 63 more complying with mandatory isolation in their homes, to wait to see if symptoms compatible with the virus appear.

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