After the noise against femicides, Alberto Fernández said that “machismo wreaks havoc”

President Alberto Fernández participated in an Instagram live with René Pérez, better known as Residente, and there he spoke about gender violence and femicides.

We know that the confinement, the quarantine, sometimes causes gender violence, family violence and suicides. We have to avoid all three things, “he said minutes after the” noise “that summoned thousands of women on their balconies to call for an end to sexist violence.

“Women in Argentina know that i am the first feminist”Fernández said when Residente asked him about the increase in calls to 144 since isolation began, a period in which 12 femicides have already been counted in the country.

“Unfortunately patriarchy exists and machismo ravages Argentine society. These events must be denounced in order to act, “added the President.

In addition, he noted that in Argentina “women who are victims of assault by a man or their partner have a phone to call for help,” referring to line 144.

Call 144 e we will immediately take care of the woman, her children and the violent. And the violent ones will have to pay before the Justice what they have done ”, he closed.