They analyze reopening the banks this Friday for the payment of retirements and AUH

The Government defines in these hours the reopening of the banks with the aim of facilitating the collection of retirements and AUH, which begin to be paid this Friday. The possibility of opening branches to the public, closed since the preventive and compulsory social isolation decree, arises due to the agglomeration of beneficiaries of the Anses that could occur in ATMs and because a large part of those who receive payments from the social security entity do not they have debit cards to make withdrawals. The date has not yet been set, although it is analyzed to be Friday itself.

As part of the measures to limit the agglomeration of clients in bank branches, the Government’s Economic Cabinet, the Banking Association and the chambers of banks are working during these hours to reopen branches in order to finalize the April payments for Anses. The problem, in which the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, got involved, is that a good part of the beneficiaries handle themselves in cash and withdraw all their income at once. Keeping branches closed, then, would mean gathering too many people at ATMs on pay days.

In addition, they fear in the Government, people who do not have or do not use a debit card will have no way of accessing their income if the banking system continues to operate remotely.

The operation to which the President of the Central Bank aspires, Miguel Pesce, public banks and the sector union would imply setting specific shifts to minimize the number of people who come to collect at the same time.

In dialogue with Radio Miter, the head of the Banking Association Sergio Palazzo said that he contacted the President of the Nation and the head of the Central Bank to agree on a payment scheme, which would be defined at a meeting this afternoon.. He also said that the union will lend its collaboration. Also that until now no financial institution has asked them to return to serve in branches.

“It is clear that there is a drawback due to the crowding of people at ATMs and even more so with the schedules that come from paying retirees, which begins this Friday with the AUH,” said Palazzo.

They have raised the need for openness for the payment of retirees in the next payment schedule. I spoke with the President of the Nation and I spoke with the President of the Central Bank. We are going to meet in the afternoon to find the solution and find satisfaction in the sense that if it is necessary to open to pay retirees who do not have a debit card, this activity will surely be carried out“He added.

“We are going to try to deactivate the situation, but what we do ask is that those who do not have a debit card go, but whoever has a relative who can take the money from them, because it is precisely the population at risk that is going to be going out on the street, “he concluded.

Sources from the Anses told Infobae what the reopening date of the banks is not yet defined, but that Friday would in principle be the day assigned for the return of attention to the public in branches.

From public banking, meanwhile, They told this newspaper that the reopening of branches for the payment of pensions is practically a fact, but that they are waiting for an official communication to avoid confusion among the beneficiaries..

As you could know Infobae, among the alternatives being considered is that of an extended banking schedule with shifts that allows distributing beneficiaries over a longer period and keeping the number of people that will be at the same time at each branch as small as possible.