I stay at home, to the rhythm of the music: from an 11-year-old pianist to an 80’s cover

Quarantine by coronavirus it forced families to alter their routine and spend all day at home. That is why many search for it to be entertained for as long as possible.

Since the call for TN and The People #YoMeQuedoEnCasa, many photos arrived and of children and adults taking advantage of the hours. From board games, cooking with the family, homework to virtual birthdays and “I see, I see” between neighbors.

Now, many families are dedicated to music and dance to pass the hours. So if you want to share your material, click here and share your images.

Oscar and Marcelo, each from their Villa Gesell home, performed Whitesnake’s song Here I Go Again.

Facundo and Francisco They also make music from Lisandro Olmos’ house.

Lion She is 11 years old, lives in Campana and spends her hours at home doing what she likes the most: playing the piano.

– The first dance of Anita with the Toad Pepe.

– The dance of the scouts in the living room of their house in El Calafate.

– Guillermo shared the “Great Dance” of a family at his home in Laprida.