I stay at home: the National Anthem toured all the neighborhoods

It has become a routine to go out to balconies to applaud health personnel, police and waste pickers that they continue to fulfill their tasks in full quarantine while the others, as appropriate, stay at home to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

But also another custom appeared: singing the Argentinian national anthem It became one of the most emotional moments at the end of the day. Users of TN and The People They shared their images of this ritual on the citizen journalism portal.

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The Hymn in Villa Regina, Río Negro

Neighbors from San Cristóbal sing the verses of the Hymn and project the Argentine flag on a building.

The Hymn on the balconies of the residents of Avellaneda

The Hymn is also sung in the General Paz neighborhood of the province of Córdoba

In San Miguel the Hymn is also applauded and sung

Belgrano residents also interpret the verses of the Hymn

The Hymn from the balconies of Liniers’ neighbors