Five dairy SMEs come together to offer their cheeses in Latin America

Cheese sensations. With this name, a group of five dairy SMEs in the province was formed to start an export strategy that, in a first stage, will include the region’s markets.

Located in the dairy basins of the General San Martín, Juárez Celman, Río Cuarto and Río Segundo departments, the companies are characterized by producing different but complementary lines of cheeses.

Their objective, for which they have been working since the middle of last year under the coordination of Farias Consultores and with the support of the ProCórdoba Agency, is to offer their mix of products that allow them to add scale.

“It is not the same for an SME to have to export a container individually than to be able to do it with a more diversified offer and with several companies. That we seek. The idea is to develop markets together, ”said Álvaro Ugartemendia, from the Capilla del Señor company and one of the promoters of the marketing consortium.

Waiting to be able to make some trips to countries in the region, such as Peru, which had to be postponed in principle until May due to the coronavirus, companies are carrying out stages of information exchange, new certifications and product registration. .

“From ensuring the quality of processes and differentiation with a variety of products, the group seeks to distance itself from traditional dairy exports such as mozzarella and powdered milk,” explained Ramiro Farias, a member of the consultancy along with his partner Ricardo Farias.

The group is open to the incorporation of more members; An SME that produces camembert cheeses is on that list of potential candidates. The five companies that make up the exporting alliance industrialize 175 thousand liters of milk a day and directly employ 120 people.

Who are they

Savaz SRL. With a dairy plant located in the town of Ucacha (Juárez Celman department), the company specializes in the production of blue cheese, with which it has achieved high quality standards. The only one of its kind in the country, it has a national distribution and has the capacity to meet external demands. Regarding process quality, it has a certification of good manufacturing practices (BPM) and is working to obtain the certification of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

Tambo Don Santiago. The family SME located in Calchín (Río Segundo department) has a specific line of products gourmet with Italian tradition. Its products integrate a very high value segment. It has BPM certification by Iram.

Farm SRL. It is the only one that is not cheese within the group. Based in Arroyo Algodón (General San Martín department), it is dedicated to the production of alfajorero, pastry and ice cream milk sweets. It markets its production in more than seven provinces and has export experience in highly demanding markets, such as the United States, Canada, Chile and the Middle East.

Cotahua. It is a dairy plant specialized in the production of hard cheeses based in Coronel Moldes (Río Cuarto department) and which belonged to Sancor. It was acquired in 2018 by members of the Huanchilla Tamberos Cooperative (Juárez Celman department) as a way to add value to milk production. It has certification of BPM and HACCP processes, as well as products (Halal and gluten-free).

Chapel of the Lord. Based in Villa María, the plant industrializes and markets cheeses with two brands for well-defined markets: Lombarde, for the more traditional derivatives, and LacNat, for the natural and healthy products segment.

It has developed new functional cheeses, such as portsalut Light with phytosterols (helps lower cholesterol), which has been patented in several countries around the world. It has export experience, with discontinued operations to Korea and Chile. It operates with quality management certifications (ISO 9001: 2015), BPM processes and with HACCP implementation, as well as gluten-free products.

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