Death toll from Covid-19 in Spain rises to 7,340

MADRID, Mar 30 (Reuters) – The number of deaths from coronavirus in Spain rose to 7,340 on Monday, representing an increase of more than 12% over the 6,528 deaths announced on Sunday, according to data released by the Ministry of Health .

The percentage increase in deaths slowed down again, since it was 14.73% on Sunday.

For its part, the number of cases registered in the country rose to 85,195 on Monday, compared to 78,797 the previous day, 8.12% more, which is also a lower rate than the increase in infections at the rate of 9 % announced on Sunday.

The death toll in Spain from COVID-19 is already higher than that of China —3,304 on Monday— and only Italy surpasses it with 10,779 deaths.

(Report by Inti Landauro and Nathan Allen. Edited in Spanish by Andrea Ariet and Michael Susin)