Coronavirus | When does the Easter holiday end?


This year Easter week the next one starts 5th of April with Palm Sunday and ends a week later, with Easter. Precisely the end of religious celebrations will coincide with the end of the extension of the compulsory isolation that President Alberto Fernández ordered until April 12, to contain the advance of COVID-19.

While next week on Thursday 9 will be non-working and it will be holiday a day later the Holy Friday. The celebrations will end on April 12, Easter Sunday, the day the extension of the mandatory isolation is scheduled to end.

The Government recalled on several occasions that only those who have a special permission to do it. This week, the Nation authorized a new circulation certificate for those who are excepted to comply with quarantine, as health or security forces employees.

This is the “Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation (CUHC)”, which will be processed digitally and must be presented to the authorities that require it along with the document. It will coexist with other ratings such as the Buenos Aires government certificate. Of course, travel should only be to fulfill essential functions, and it is prohibited traveling for vacation.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it prevented?

What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it prevented (Infographic:


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