Coronavirus: business entities launch the campaign “Here we are”

With the endorsement of 39 business entities and local institutions, on March 31 a campaign to attract donations between businessmen and merchants from Córdoba was launched under the name “Here we are: companies united against Covid-19”.

“The business community of Córdoba has united in the face of the vulnerability caused by the impact of the coronavirus and has decided to take action to collect funds to help buy food and also essential medical supplies destined for public hospitals.” the entities indicated in a statement.

Food will be channeled through Caritas and the Food Bank, while medical supplies will be donated through the provincial government.

A single account has been established at Banco Macro, Banco de Alimentos, which will be audited by PWC.

“There are companies that have already committed a donation of one million pesos, others half, another 100,000 and there are SMEs and businesses that will donate what they can at this juncture, depending on the size of the company or business and its situation,” said Sergio Finzi, spokesperson for this initiative, who also stressed that the idea is to add to prevent and contain.

“The businessmen want to be part of a change in consciousness and attitude that -surely- will generate this unique collective experience in our entire society,” the organization remarked.

And they added: “It seems to us that we should articulate these initiatives with those recognized institutions that have a deep understanding of the social reality of Córdoba.”