Businessman violated quarantine 14 times and paid a million dollar bond

This is Roberto Dutra, owner of a catering firm, who spent three nights in detention in Rosario accused of falsifying a public document

The businessman from Rosario, Roberto Dutra, who violated the mandatory quarantine imposed by the coronavirs pandemic 14 times, was released this Sunday after posting bail of one million pesos, but he must continue with house arrest.

The gastronomic had been arrested on Thursday 26, accused of falsifying a public document to be able to leave his house, despite the fact that he had to comply with the mandatory quarantine for having recently traveled to the United States.

Dutra, 62, was under arrest at provincial police offices. He was charged with 14 breaches in 10 days, although they ruled out accusing him for a false permission to circulate that he presented as a “maid” of a public establishment.

The man, who owns a major catering firm, and his wife had arrived in the country on March 15 and were due to serve a mandatory quarantine in their department of Torres Maui, a luxury building in Rosario.

But, five days later, he was denounced by the guard of his building and detained for not complying with the measure. Then, on Thursday the 26th, he was arrested again and transferred to a police station.

The director of the Provincial Centennial Hospital, Claudia Peruch, denounced the businessman when he saw his name and his signature on one of the false certificates that began to circulate on social networks.

In this sense, Dutra’s lawyer, Carlos Varela, emphasized that his defendant “provides essential services except within the presidential decree for the coronavirus epidemic” and, therefore, had no need to forge a document.

Beyond this complaint, the prosecutor Gustavo Ponce Asahad decided to dismiss this case because the paper was not found in the hands of the accused.

In the context of the protocol adopted by the Criminal Justice Center to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the hearing was held through a videoconference with the detainee.

The businessman, who was detained at the 5th police station in the center of Rosario, was transferred to the Headquarters of Regional Unit II, in the southern area, where he appeared before the court in virtual form.

After his presentation before judge Patricia Bilotta, the prosecutor of the case confirmed that the defendant had to pay a deposit of one million pesos by transfer to an account of the Municipal Bank.

Now, Dutra will continue with house arrest and the investigation will continue, for which the businessman could receive a sentence of up to two years in prison.

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