Banco Macro launches a solution for those who do not have a debit card

Through a call, they will be authorized to make an ATM withdrawal of up to $ 7,500 per day without having the plastic in their possession

Banco Macro launches a solution for those clients who collect wages or receive retirement assets and do not have their debit card in their possession.

These people, throughIt is a simple phone call, they will be authorized to make an ATM withdrawal of up to $ 7,500 per day without the need to have the plastic in their possession.

To do this, you must follow the following steps:

⦁ Communicate by phone at 0810-555-2355, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

⦁ Select option 6

⦁ Remember the identity document with which your account is registered.

⦁ The Banco Macro operator that answers the call will validate the client’s identity. These are a few questions to certify that you are the account holder and that are intended to prevent fraud.

⦁ The Banco Macro collaborator will ask you to indicate the amount you want to withdraw.

⦁ The maximum limit is $ 7,500 (pesos seven thousand five hundred thousand) per day.

⦁ Finally, the client will receive a 6-number code with which they must go to the ATM to complete the operation.

⦁ You can choose any ATM from Banco Macro or the Banelco network.

⦁ Other networks are NOT enabled to deliver money with this modality.

⦁ Already in front of the cashier, without entering the debit card, you must select Start / start, and “Extraction order”, then the type and number of the document, enter the exact amount, and at the time the system requires you enter the code given by the Banco Macro operator.

“The current situation presents us with enormous challenges and leads us to search for new solutions to the new problems that have arisen. Today we are committed to respecting quarantine while maintaining our service to the community, serving more than 3 million customers and all Argentines. At Banco Macro, take care of yourself as our priority. Remember that you can do all your operations without leaving your home, “said the financial institution through a statement.

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