Argentine doctors returned from Europe to join the operation

It is about more than a hundred Argentine health professionals who were in Europe teaching at universities or doing postgraduate courses

More than a hundred Argentine health professionals, including Argentine doctors, nurses and kinesiologists, returned this Sunday to Buenos Aires from Europe, where they were teaching at universities or completing postgraduate courses, to join the health team that is working to mitigate the advancement of the coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic that affects everyone.

“We were connecting around 300 professionals who were in different parts of the world and in the end we met a group that decided to be here and help. For this we thank the ambassadors, the consuls and Corporación América, who paid us the passage of Spain to Switzerland to be able to take this flight, “said Yael Zin, one of the doctors at a press conference held at Ezeiza International Airport.

“It came from the depths, we organized and here we are; very happy with the decision made,” added the doctor.

For his part, Luciano Castro, another of the professionals, maintained that he moved to Madrid and that from there they got together in Barcelona. “The situation is very difficult, but we wanted to come back to help. Now we are going to be quarantined and then we will show up at hospitals to join us.”

In turn, María Echeverri said that “measures were taken quickly in Argentina and that can help reduce the impact.” The professional asserted that “quarantine is essential and for now it is one of the few solutions we have.”

A plane from the Edelweiss company, belonging to the Lufthansa group, arrived at 7:37 pm in Ezeiza. In principle, this flight was scheduled to arrive in Argentina as a “ferry”, that is, without passengers, according to aeronautical sources had told Telam. But the doctors and other professionals managed to mobilize to arrive in Zurich.

Argentine businessman Eduardo Eurnekian, owner of Corporación América, assumed the costs of the charter flight that took doctors from Barcelona to Zurich.

There, the ambassador in Bern, Luis María Kreckler, negotiated with the company Edelweiss and the Swiss government, the possibility that the professionals could “board the flight of the company, which would travel empty”, at no cost, management in which also Foreign Minister Felipe Solá intervened,

The chancellor himself, plus Kreckler, collaborated for the completion of the trip, in the same way that the secretary of International Economic Relations, Jorge Neme, and the Argentine consul in Barcelona, ​​Alejandro Alonso, also participated.

The Edelweiss flight is scheduled to depart back to Zurich tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., while also for tomorrow, four Delta company flights are scheduled, to Atlanta, with a stopover in Santiago de Chile, which will take them back to United States to foreigners who are still in Argentina.

During the day, an Air France flight departed for Paris, with the same objective.

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