They will pay a special BONUS of 5,000 pesos: which employees will receive it

Government and companies seek to recognize workers exempt from quarantine and whose daily efforts are essential

The coronavirus crisis and the general quarantine situation are putting workers whose services are critical under stress.

That is why the Government and some business sectors are now trying to compensate them economically at a time when their efforts are essential. These groups of employees include those who act directly on health issues, those who protect order, and business employees.

Along these lines, the national government decided to grant a wage bonus of $ 5,000 to health workers and the security forces., in the context of the coronavirus health emergency.

Sources of the Casa Rosada confirmed the measure and detailed that the resolution will be published this Friday in the Official Gazette.

Health workers and security forces are among the sectors that saw the intensification of their tasks in the midst of the pandemic.

In addition, both had been exempted from complying with the mandatory isolation that the government of Alberto Fernández ordered last week throughout the country.

In this way, the Executive Branch seeks to carry out an economic recognition of the workers in the two areas, vital at this time of emergency.

The bonus for those who work in health and safety had begun to be analyzed days ago in the Government, but finally this Thursday the determination was made to announce it, once it was possible to agree on the number they will receive.

For these hours, the Executive Branch is working on the details of the implementation of the plus, which will be announced with its publication in the Official Gazette this Friday.

Health workers are crucial for health care and for sustaining the system amid high demand for the growth of coronavirus infections, something the government estimates will peak during the first half of May.

Meanwhile, the security forces are essential to carry out the operations that are taking place throughout the country to check that compliance with the preventive and mandatory isolation that the president ordered by decree a few weeks ago is effective.

Supermarket Employee Bonus

The Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (Faecys) led by Armando Cavalieri and representatives of the Coto, Carrefour, Jumbo and Walmart supermarket chains agreed this Thursday to pay an “extra solidarity contribution” of $ 5,000 for the employees of those establishments, reported the union organization.

Cavalieri and the secretary of Press and Diffusion of the national union, Angel Martínez, reported this afternoon that this “extra solidarity contribution” will be received by commercial employees who perform tasks during the health emergency “in recognition of the great effort that they carry out on a daily basis to ensure the supply and provision of basic necessities throughout the national territory, “they assured.

“An understanding was reached with the main supermarket chains, whose representatives understood the need to produce this solidarity contribution for the benefit of those who fulfill the essential task of ensuring the provision of basic necessities and risk their health by making contact with customers, at a very delicate and difficult moment in this period of the health emergency, “said Cavalieri.

The also head of the Buenos Aires Trade Union (SEC) Trade Union and Social Work Union (Osecac) maintained that the current circumstances demonstrate that “the only way to face these scourges in defense of health is through the tools offered by the State National and not the free will of the market, “said the union document.

Cavalieri also stressed that this should be “the great teaching that this pandemic would have to leave so as not to be mistaken again and from now on to highlight the role of the State, which has been questioned and questioned on so many occasions“he added.

The union leader affirmed that the current coronavirus pandemic shows “the importance of the structures of the unions, which immediately made their social works, clinics, hotels, logistics and employees available, achieving a unique effort to jointly face the “national emergency.

“Once again the labor movement shows that it is up to the occasion by offering protection to its more than 14 million affiliates attached to its various union social works,” concluded the mercantile leader.

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