Martín Kaiser: “2020 is‘ the ’year of Sauvignon Blanc”

The winery’s wine manager Doña Paula spoke with iProfesional about the particularities of the current harvest and the wines it will leave

The wine manager of Doña Paula Winery, Martin Kaiser, analyzed the progress of the 2020 vintage and projected what style of 2020 vintage wines will be uncorked in the future.

He highlighted the Bonarda Young people to make cuts, spoke of the intensity of colors and aromas of reds in general and highlighted, especially, the quality that is being achieved with whites.

-How would you rate the harvest in the main areas where they have vineyards?

-It is an early harvest at maturity, low volume due to spring frosts and the stress that grapes have been subjected to in the summer due to high maximum temperatures.

-How did the weather behave unlike the previous harvest?

-This harvest in the province of Mendoza has been exceptional for being very warm and dry. The prevailing low relative humidity also translated into greater thermal amplitude and extraordinary grape health. Compared to the previous season, it has been warmer and similar in accumulated rainfall.

-And how did you handle the agronomic work in the vineyards?

-There have been no problems in carrying them out, with the exception of the end of the harvest, during which we have had to take all kinds of special measures due to the appearance of the coronavirus.

-What would you highlight of the quality achieved in the red varieties and how do you think this will impact the style of the wines?

-The reds that we have discovered so far are very fruity and have a good concentration of color and tannins. The wines that have been harvested on time, which this year has been two to three weeks earlier than usual, keep a note of freshness that will surely translate into elegance during storage.

Estate of Bodega Doña Paula

-What 2020 vintage red wines can we imagine for both young and aged wines?

-Young wines with Bonarda cut with other varieties will be exceptional. For the guard, from what we have seen so far, Malbec and Cabernet Franc are very promising.

-What red strains would you highlight this year?


-And how did the white varieties fare?

-White wines are very good this year. The harvest was early too, but because it has been a year of low yields and very good health, we have exquisite whites in 2020.

-What strains stood out this year?

-I think it’s “he” year of Sauvignon Blanc.

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