Coronavirus: a doctor died in Neuquén and there are already 13 victims throughout the country

A 59-year-old doctor who was hospitalized in the private clinic San Agustín, in Neuquén, died this Friday and in this way they are 13 fatalities by coronavirus in Argentina.

Alejandro Pasarelli, a native of Cipolleti, was a renowned health professional from that town. Although he died in Neuquén territory, he became the first citizen of Río Negro to lose his life to the pandemic.

Cecilia, the victim’s sister, shared an emotional message on social media through which she fired Pasarelli.

“Q.E.P.D little brother, #NoTengoConsuelo,” he said in the publication, which received dozens of messages of support.

Despite having the symptoms of COVID-19, his diagnosis was difficult to determine because in the first analysis carried out by the Malbrán Institute, he had given a negative result.

According to the information provided by the National Ministry of Health, Argentina registers 13 people killed by coronavirus and 589 infected.