A woman and her daughter are missing: they are looking for the man they were quarantining with

Cristina Iglesias and her daughter Ada, 7, have been missing since Wednesday night, when her family last saw them. Now the police are looking for the man they were passing the mandatory quarantine in a house in Monte Chingolo, where the police found traces of blood washed on a mattress.

The missing woman’s brother is desperate: Fernando Iglesias suspects, like investigators, that Cristina’s partner could be behind the mysterious absence. This is Abel Romero, a man he met in the neighborhood of Lanús.

Fernando, who is a hadball coach at the Veléz Sarfield club, does not know much about the man: only that he rented a room in the area, the same one where his sister and niece would spend the isolation decreed by the Government.

Cristina has another teenage daughter who lives with her grandmother. In the last hours, the girl – named Dolores – began to receive messages from her mother. No member of the family believes that it was the woman who wrote them.

Suspecting, Dolores broke the quarantine and went to look for Cristina. According to what she reported, she found Romero who responded evasively and gave her an explanation about her mother’s absence: that she went to quarantine with a friend.

“They took the complaint from us at the 6th Lanús police station. At first they did not want to. They came, searched and the scientific police found the document in the couple’s home and belongings of my sister, “Iglesias told TN.com.ar.

“They saw that there were a lot of blood stains on the wall, drag marks and washed things, for example the mattress. The case is taking another course. We last saw them Wednesday 25 at night, and we don’t know now what happened to them, “he explained.

Cristina would never go anywhere without warning.

The alleged aggressor was seen going out alone from his home on Thursday the 26th in the morning. “My sister would never go anywhere without warning,” he says. The UFI 1 of Lanús intervenes in the case.