Today’s horoscope, Thursday, March 26, 2020


Predictable day, things go orderly and correctly. It could happen for some Arians that a new career path emerges. Hearts with sprinkled emotions, sit and think and try to calm your impulses.

Moment: copper colored.


Good start to this day with calls that will lift your spirits. One day to applaud themselves, bullfighting knows how to find a way out triumphantly. Relief and satisfaction in the affections although with jealousy.

Moment: bluish in color.


Day of some contortion in the area of ​​activities. Possible disagreements and contradictions with colleagues or superiors would arise. Try to find a balance between what they think and what their jobs need.

Moment: blueberry color.


Cancerians with a somewhat exhausting day, with a lot of movement and unforeseen events. A lot of human warmth at the same time with a good feeling to feel comfortable and accompanied. Aspirations to be realized soon.

Moment: emerald green.


Virtual compensation and recognition in the area of ​​activities for lions. There is enough energy to take advantage of and dialogue with those people who may be somewhat delayed in their lives and deserve the talk.

Moment: reddish yellow.


Mind with brilliance and precision of these natural mercurians in your intelligence. The moments of the day will be peppered with mixed emotions between friends and family with some problems soon to be solved. Everything is remedied in some way.

Moment: amaranth color.


Coincidences and agreements that will be concluded in a correct and auspicious manner in everything that pertains to papers, important procedures, with signatures that will guarantee good solutions. A day with tension but with a happy ending on the emotional level.

Moment: olive green.


The vicissitudes and inconveniences that arise should be taken with calm and intelligence. On this day they will arrive at good and clear conclusions in the area of ​​affections. Not denying reality is the most important point to face.

Moment: purple in color.


Without setbacks, the arqueritos will have an emotionally quiet day today. They will meet with people they love and they will be able to consolidate some couples. Finance with expected progress and success. Hope.

Moment: cream colour.


Day for reconsideration and personal questions regarding how to approach daily tasks. Always think that things have different ways of being resolved. Improving finances, today the companies are well-regarded.

Moment: Mahogany color.


Aquarians with a good day, somewhat exhausting but with good results. Do not forget that we must all go to the doctor, and that we all have a duty to take care of our health. Full love, romanticism and desire for more.

Moment: magenta.


Pisceans with enough work complications that if they do not calm emotions will want to make hasty decisions. Not suffocating with nerves or bad thoughts is the basis of life. Calming down is almost a must.

Moment: lilac.