Coronavirus | They investigate if a man who died in Mar del Plata was infected


A 58-year-old man died on Thursday at the Interzonal Hospital in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires province, and they are investigating whether he had contracted a coronavirus, according to official sources.

The patient had previous illnesseslike pneumonia, but anyway they performed the corresponding swab to determine if you were infected with Covid-19.

From the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health they clarified that biochemists not yet finished the analysis to find out if you have coronavirus.

The result of the test will be between the afternoon and the night of Thursday. The man arrived at the Interzonal on Wednesday, but the doctors who treated him were unable to do anything.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation confirmed on Wednesday 117 new cases of coronavirus and 502 infected throughout Argentina.

In the epidemiological report, the health authorities differentiated: 431 active cases, 63 people discharged and eight died.


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