Córdoba in quarantine and underwater: strong flooding of mountain rivers due to heavy rains

The rains they were made wait but they arrived with force to the province of Córdoba. According to reports from the National Meteorological Service (SMN) they fell between 100 and 150 millimeters in some regions.

So the rivers San Antonio, Mina Clavero and Santa Rosa they had strong floods. In some cases the maximum peak was five meters.

The rivers of Punilla, Calamuchita and Traslasierras they grew with peaks of 4 and 5 meters. “However, as the rivers were low at the time of the year, we have not had major complications up to now,” explained the Director of Civil Defense, Diego Concha, to Córdoba 24.

As reported Chain 3The rains are also intense in the Calamuchita Valley, with an average of 100 millimeters in Santa Rosa and 110 in the Tres Arboles area, where the Calamuchita rivers start, with 108 millimeters; Champaquí, with 81 millimeters; Tabaquillo, with 78 millimeters and San Miguel, with 97.

The Weather Service announced that the rains in the province they will continue for two more days.