Coronavirus in Mexico: The Chinese Embassy called Carmen Salinas ignorant and demanded a public apology

After Carmen Salinas express his theory about the origin of the coronavirus, ensuring that it was a punishment “of life” For the population of the Asian country for eating dogs and cats, the Chinese Embassy responded firmly.

“How am I going to make fun of it? It is such a horrible disease, is what is happening to the little ones for eating the puppies and the kittens. Hey, don’t play, that’s why he got that disease, ”was the reaction that the former deputy issued in front of the television cameras several days ago.

These comments of the first actress reached the ears of the Chinese Embassy in Mexico, who spoke out against these controversial statements because they considered them racist and out of place in the current context.

Through a press release, the Embassy immediately demanded a public apology from the actress of cult films in national cinematography like “Tivoli” Y “The place without limits ”, and from independent short films such as “Two crab”, In addition to being branded as ignorant, ensuring that his statements motivate discrimination and encourage racism.

In the public letter the origin of the coronavirus is still uncertain, despite the first outbreaks in Wuhan, China, which condemned the stigmatization of the Chinese people.

“Mrs. Carmen Salinas’s external speech reveals a lack of basic knowledge and ignorance. We strongly oppose your comments, request that you amend your error and offer a public apology ”is part of the message that was released today, Tuesday, March 24, just when Emergency Phase 2 was decreed in Mexico in the face of this global pandemic.

The Embassy also assured that using the term “Chinitos” it is a racist act that had already been eradicated in the 19th century, and considered that using it in the XXI century is a provocation to the Chinese people, in addition to reflecting a lack of values ​​towards humanity.

They also pointed out that the statements of the actress, for being a public figure with a notable influence on Mexican society, they only cause disinformation towards the population, because it confuses it and causes an enmity between the Chinese and Mexican nations.

“The origin of the new coronavirus has not been identified so far. Ms. Carmen Salinas’ extreme speech reveals lack of basic knowledge and ignorance. The racist term ‘chinito’ that appeared in the 19th century was abandoned by history and has been mentioned again in the 21st century in the framework of an open, plural and globalized society. This is a blatant provocation to the Chinese people and the Chinese residing overseas, and also reflects a lack of values ​​towards humanity. Being a public figure, the unsubstantiated words of Mrs. Carmen Salinas confuse the public, they defame China and lacerate the friendship between the Chinese and Mexican peoples“Were the forceful words of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, located in the Álvaro Obregón Mayor’s Office in Mexico City.

They also pointed out that the disease does not respect borders or skin color: “both China and the rest of the world, including Mexico, are victims.”

Given the release of the statement, opinions have been divided, because while some claim that the 86-year-old actress is indeed ignorant and provocative, another group minimizes the fact by ensuring that the Embassy exaggerated and oversized the statements, which were made very much in the ‘burlesque’ style of the former PRI deputy.