Coronavirus: an 81-year-old woman died and there are already seven fatalities in the country


Argentina recorded its seventh coronavirus victim. Is about an 81 year old woman who was admitted to the Otamendi Sanatorium, in the city of Buenos Aires.

As learned, the patient had close contact with a person who had traveled to the United States and who is also admitted to the Agote Sanatorium. This is an 82-year-old man.

Thus There are already three fatalities by Covid-19 in Buenos Aires territory.

In this context, on Wednesday the City’s health authorities reported that since the start of the pandemic, 174 people were hospitalized for coronaviruses, of which 119 still remain with medical attention.

On the other hand, in the City there are 348 suspected cases under study and it continues with attention to 914 people who had contact with confirmed cases.

The latest report from the National Ministry of Health reported 86 new cases in the country, which raised the number of infected to 387 in all of Argentina.

Last Tuesday, a 71-year-old man, who was hospitalized at the 25 de Mayo Clinic in the City of Mar del Plata, and a man in Chaco, lost their lives to Covid-19.


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