Alberto will promote freezing of rents and mortgage loan installments


The text in question will be presented in Congress on Friday this week. Sergio Massa and Vilma Ibarra adjust details of the proposal

Alberto Fernández announced that he will send the National Congress a bill to “freeze rents, prevent evictions, foreclosures and freeze quotas” for 180 days. This, of course, due to the crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

The text in question will be presented in Congress on Friday of this week.

“We are sending it to Congress. I know that Sergio (Massa) has a project. We are sending ours, it is a contribution,” said the president.

In television statements, Fernández estimated that in a month and a half it will be the peak of contagion of coronavirus. He advanced that he will extend the quarantine if necessary. “Take care of the economy or take care of life, I chose to take care of life,” he reiterated.

On Tuesday of this week, Massa had defined as “probable that it may soon be necessary” to convene the National Congress to give instruments to the Government on issues such as “rentals, layoffs, taxes“and stated that” it will be with all the indications that the health authorities give us. “

Simultaneously, he gave as an example issues related to “the auction of houses and evictions” and assured that “the President raised the possibility of us bringing Congress together and solving this issue with a law. There is no crack on this issue.”

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