Coronavirus | They arrived on a flight and even threw themselves on the ground to avoid being isolated: they were detained

The Airport Security Police (PSA) arrested a couple of Argentines in Ezeiza for refuse to comply with isolation mandatory by the coronavirus. Before being arrested, the couple, who had just arrived from Brazil, insulted police personnel, spat on them and even threw themselves on the floor.

According to airport sources, the episode occurred on Sunday night, during the routine operations carried out on the flights of Argentine returnees, which have already reached more than 350,000 passengers.

While supervising those who had returned on flight 773 of the Qatar company from the city of San Pablo – considered a risk zone – they informed a couple from the Flores neighborhood they had to do the isolation. However, the wife, a 57-year-old teacher, and her husband, a 61-year-old retiree, they refused flatly and they started kicking doors, to to insult already disobey to officers at Terminal A of Ministro Pistarini Airport.

As reported by the journalist from TN, Norberto Dupesso, marriage even he got to remove the chinstraps they were wearing and spit on the staff.

Given the incredible situation, the Federal Court of First Instance in Criminal and Correctional Law No. 2 of Lomas de Zamora authorized the Police officers to arrest the couple for violating articles 205 and 239 of the Penal Code, that is, for violating the measures adopted to prevent the introduction or spread of an epidemic and for disobedience to authority.

Upon learning that she would be arrested, the woman fell to the floor in order to avoid it and even started apologizing for their behavior, until, finally, she and her husband were apprehended.

After spending the night in PSA offices, this Monday the City Police transferred the couple to the Buenos Aires hotel where both must complete the mandatory quarantine stipulated in the Emergency Health Decree 297.

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