Coronavirus | The young man who traveled by boat and forced the quarantine of 400 people is infected

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires confirmed what Luca Singerman denied when arriving in Argentina. Have coronavirus young man who traveled in a Buquebús and forced to quarantine all the passengers of the ship -about 400-. According to reports, his test had tested positive in Uruguay, although the man said he found out on the way.

The Buenosairean authorities will demand it for U $ S700 thousand, since, they assure, that was the cost of the operation that they had to mount once the news was known.

The operation deployed on the ship in which Singerman traveled. (Photo: NA).

In addition, Singerman faces a federal case that could lead him to serve between 3 and 15 years in prison, the penalty provided for in article 202 of the Penal Code for those who “I will spread a dangerous and contagious disease for people”. In this case, the 423 passengers who traveled last Thursday on the San Patricio ship of the navigation company.

Since the 22-year-old entered the country, he has been isolated in the Agote Sanatorium, from wheree defended himself against the accusations by means of a message by WhatApp that he went viral and in which he explained that he learned the result of the study that had been done in the neighboring country, once he arrived at the port.

For his part, the lawyer who defends him, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, explained to TN that the young man traveled from France to Uruguay “without symptoms”. He also said that he returned to the country at the request of his parents and that, before boarding, the study was conducted as a precaution at the Mautone Sanatorium, in Maldonado.

“To think that this boy was maliciously infecting people it’s really scary“said the criminal before reiterating that” he had neither suspicion nor imagined “that he was infected with the virus.

That version was supported by his father, the economist Pablo Singerman, who defended it on television. Instead, the health and prefecture authorities contradict it: they believe that he already had the symptoms, that he knew he had tested positive and put the passage at risk.

Federal judge Luis Rodríguez will decide. Prosecutor Alejandra Mangano is in charge of the investigation that will clarify the case.

News in development that is being updated.