Coronavirus: neighbors go out on the balconies to sing happy birthday in the midst of quarantine

In the midst of the total quarantine by coronavirus, many users of TN and The People they were years old. Surely they have dreamed of a big celebration, with friends, family and players, but due to the restrictions they had to stay home.

But the most important thing is that they were not alone. Many neighbors They went out onto the balconies to celebrate with them with posters and makeshift cakes.

Joaquín lives in Belgrano and dozens of neighbors sang Happy Birthday to him.

Gonzalo also celebrated his birthday and the neighbors went out to the balconies and windows to sing to him

Nicolás’s cousin turned years and the neighbors of Caballito joined the celebration

TN and The People

Ignacio turned 10 years old and his parents improvised a celebration for him

Esteban celebrated his 43 years and invited his stuffed animals to his birthday