Coronavirus: neighbors communicate from balconies during quarantine

The National Anthem sounds loud on a balcony in Bahía Blanca. In Caballito, an opera is heard. And in Mendoza, a flag sends the obligatory message these days: “Stay home.”

Since the coronavirus -and quarantine- pandemic progressed, the neighbors began to communicate from balcony to balcony with the most varied methods.

Users of TN and The People They recorded those scenes and shared them on the citizen journalism portal.

Lyrical singer in Caballito

Gustavo played the organ for the neighbors

Facundo sang the “day you love me” in Rosario

Cello concert in Rosario

A flag hanging on a balcony in Buenos Aires

TN and The People.

A saxophonist played the National Anthem from his balcony in Bahía Blanca

A Mendoza family, a flag and a message

TN and The People.
TN and The People.

A projector from another planet