animals invade quarantined cities


According to the experts, the “opportunistic” species, taking advantage of the massive confinements of people, approach in search of food left by humans

The swans swimming in the crystal clear waters of Venice were just a preview of what is happening across the planet. As the coronavirus pandemic quarantines become widespread in the world, nature seems to regain its rights in cities emptied of its inhabitants. Animals living on the periphery now venture into urban centers in search of food.

In the city of Barcelona, ​​wild boars descended from the nearby Collserola mountain and reached central streets and avenues, where they had never been seen before.

In the town of Chinchilla, in the south of Spain, goats took over the streets of the city, while in Cagas del Narceo, in Asturias, they saw a brown bear prowling around the neighborhood.

“Let’s see who denounces the bear for not staying home,” said a Twitter user ironically.

The phenomenon could be observed in different countries. For example, in the city of Nara, in Japan, the deer that inhabit the nearby natural park flocked through the streets, while in San Francisco, some people reported seeing coyotes.

According to experts told the newspaper 20 minutes, the animals seen in the cities generally belong to species considered “opportunistic”, which feed on the remains left by humans, and are expected to return to their habitat when the streets resume their normal bustle.

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