a man dressed up as a dog to avoid quarantine

The event was photographed and, immediately, the irresponsible behavior of that person was repudiated through social networks. Background

The coronavirus pandemic caused several countries to opt for forceful measures, such as mandatory quarantine. However, there are people who apparently did not understand the current situation.

An example was the man who dressed up as a dog in order to break social isolation. Through social networks, the photograph in which the person appears in breach of the norm while traveling on a street in Spain has gone viral.

It was a user of the social network Twitter who was in charge of sharing the photographic material of who has not yet been identified. As soon as the publication was carried out, it immediately generated repercussions.

The unusual arrest of a “dinosaur” for not complying with the quarantine

Since the President of Spain decreed mandatory quarantine for all citizens, it has to be respected. If it is not respected, the Police are in charge of taking you to your house.

However, a striking situation occurred in Murcia. A person disguised as a Tyrannosaurus rex was walking down the street when local police officers arrested him.

The filming was shared on the police force’s Twitter account where they published a message raising awareness of the importance of carrying out a correct quarantine in their homes.

“In alarm, pets are allowed to walk accompanied by a person, always with short walks to relieve themselves,” they wrote along with the video. Then, with humor, they published: “Whoever has a Tyrannosaurus rex complex is not considered.”

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