Mercado libre postpones the date of collection of credit installments

In order to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 virus pandemic on the economy of its clients, the Mercado Crédito company has postponed the maturity of the loan installments that expire in March.

According to the company, the benefit will impact people in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico who use Mercado Crédito to finance their purchases at Mercado Libre. The measure postpones for a month the collection of more than 2 million installments that are due in March.


“We understand that this is a difficult time for the economy of our clients and from Mercado Crédito we want to support them and transmit tranquility to them. Our main objective is to accompany them and offer them alternatives that facilitate this situation,” said Martín De Los Santos, Senior Vice President of Mercado Crédito.

The benefit extends to all users who have their credits up to date and will apply to the March fees that have not yet been paid. Customers who have paid installments for March will have the benefit of the next installment that will expire in April, according to the company.