Attention parents separated and with CHILDREN: how to proceed in quarantine

The norm establishes that the parent, emotional or family reference who is in charge of making the transfer, has in his possession an affidavit

The Ministry of Social Development resolved a series of exceptions to the decree that regulates compulsory social isolation. Among them, It details how to proceed in cases of attendance of children and adolescents by their parents or guardians.

The norm establishes that the parent, emotional or family reference who is in charge of making the transfer, you must have in your possession an affidavit in order to be presented to the competent authority, together with the National Identity Document of the child or adolescent, in order to corroborate the cause of that movement. The form for this statement is found on the ministry’s website.

The exceptions contemplated are “when at the time the social, preventive and compulsory isolation measure comes into force, the child or adolescent is in a residence other than that of his or her center of life, or the one most appropriate to the best interests of the child, girl or adolescent to fulfill the aforementioned social isolation. This transfer must be done only once“the Social Development portfolio said in a statement.

In addition, “when one of the parents, for work reasons that are registered in any of the subsections of article 6 of Decree No. 297/20, of assistance to third parties or other causes of force majeure, must be absent from the home in which the child or adolescent is found; can transfer it to the address of the other parent, family member or reference “.

Finally, another of the exceptions foreseen will be “when for health reasons and always in the best interests of the children, you can transfer the child to the other parent’s home”.

For her part, the general adviser to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the City of Buenos Aires, Yael Bendel, considered the exceptions contemplated to allow the transfer of children from one parent’s home to the other’s very positive.

“Obviously,” the guardian adviser clarified, “it is very difficult in this circumstance to contemplate the whole range of particular situations that may arise” hence he insisted “in understanding that the decree is arranged under the immense umbrella of Public Health that is at stake now “according to Télam.

On the other hand “the fact of restricting the system of face-to-face communication with one of the parents, Bendel pointed out, does not imply that there is no digital communication, as this is an obligation of all parents. “

Asked if they received complaints about conflicts or difficulties that were taking place since the beginning of compulsory isolation, she assured that “where there is love there is no conflict. Where there is no consensus between the parents, the quarrel prevails, if the love of the children prevails over any couple discussion, there is no conflict, “he said.

Finally, Bendel recalled that the Public Prosecutor’s Office will be available to receive inquiries of all kinds on line 0800 12 27376 or by WhatsApp on 15 7037 7037. The inquiries or complaints received there are anonymous.

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