Total quarantine day 1: lines in supermarkets across the country and 28 detainees in the City

The Government made a drastic decision to face the pandemic of coronavirus in Argentina: the total isolation. And although there were controls on routes and accesses, there were also long queues in supermarkets and many people circulating. In the City of Buenos Aires alone, there were 20 detainees and eight delayed for breaking the quarantine.

Despite the fact that the president Alberto Fernández In his message, he guaranteed the supply to cover all the needs in pharmacies and warehouses, several people left their homes to shop, and even walk.

There were some minor incidents, in Tucumán, for example, and in González Catán. In some neighborhoods of Amba, there were several people on the street and open shops.

Almost empty public transport. (Photo: EFE).

The City of Buenos Aires, on the other hand, dawned desolate and it continued like this for several hours. There were controls on streets and stations. Public transport operated with very few passengers.

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The president thanked the citizens who, for the most part, understood the motive and the objectives of the restrictions and complied with the quarantine. Still, the Police received 128 complaints of residents of the City of Buenos Aires who warned about violations of the presidential decree.

In dialogue with, the Secretary of Security of the Nation, Eduardo Villalba assured that the balance of the first day for the Government “was positive”.

“In good proportion, people are respecting mandatory isolation “, said the official.

The four federal forces are in charge of the vehicle controls: “Operations agreed by consensus with the City of Buenos Aires and the ministers of security of the provinces were designed.”

Villalba explained that the tasks were centralized in the Metropolitan Area and in the City due to the number of inhabitants, although they are carried out throughout the country. “We will continue to control that the people who circulate in the streets are those who are within the exceptions established by the decree.”

In the afternoon, Minister Sabina Frederic, Chief of Staff Santiago Cafiero and Minister of the Interior Wado de Pedro, flew over the area.

Unlike the local and provincial police, federal forces are dedicated to the control of routes, airports, borders and the hotels where people who entered the country in recent weeks are staying.

Controls in the City of Buenos Aires. (Photo: EFE)
Controls in the City of Buenos Aires. (Photo: EFE)

On the fear of robberies, the Secretary of Security indicated: “In crisis situations, the different formats of human misery emerge, from criminal to attitudinal issues, as we saw yesterday people who wanted to go to the Atlantic Coast despite everything.”

“There have not been a greater number of robberies. Perhaps before an empty city they become more visible but the population has to be calm because we are not going to stop taking care of them due to the health crisis. They do not have to worry,” he promised.

“Because it was the first day, it was good. The fronts are many and this is just beginning “, I consider.