Liga MX President Enrique Bonilla tested positive for coronavirus

After the Ministry of Health (SSa) confirmed that in Mexico the number of infected persons increased to 203, Enrique Bonilla, president of Liga MX, confirmed that it is one of the positive cases of COVID-19.

Through a press release, the Mexican soccer leader reported that he tested positive for coronavirus. “I want to communicate to you that after carrying out the pertinent studies on COVID-19 I have been positive,” he said.

Bonilla added that he does not present serious symptoms, despite the tests carried out. However, he indicated that he will remain in quarantine and will follow the instructions of the SSa.

“Of course, I will keep abreast of the situation that our country is experiencing and the alternatives and possible solutions to resolve the situation that the family is going through, especially the LIGA MX / ASCENSO MX family,” he said.

The statement did not refer to people who have had contact with the president, as well as workers with symptoms of the virus.

This is the second case in Mexican soccer that has a COVID-19 case. The first was Alberto Marrero Díaz, president of Atlético de San Luis.

Information in development.