Donald Trump called for two coronavirus drugs to be put to use: “Together they can change the history of medicine”

Donald Trump urged medical authorities on Saturday to put into use two drugs that, together, “have a real opportunity to be one of the greatest turning points in the history of medicine,” according to his Twitter account, in the framework of the efforts to face the coronavirus pandemic.

The president made reference to the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin. “The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has moved mountains, thank you! Hopefully both are put into use immediately, “he added. In that sense of urgency, he added: “People are dying, act soon.”

On Thursday, Trump put forth his optimism about hydroxychloroquine. “It is a drug for malaria, which is also used for very serious arthritis, which is very powerful and it’s been there for a long time, so we know that if things don’t go as planned we won’t kill anyone. With a new drug that is not known. This drug has shown very encouraging results. We are going to make it available almost immediately. ”, advancement.

But some experts are cautious at the moment due to the absence of solid and public clinical data. Amid some confusion, Trump said the treatment had already been “approved” by the FDA, the body that oversees the marketing of drugs in the United States.

The FDA, however, qualified the president’s claims, limiting itself to pointing out that chloroquine has already been effectively approved for the treatment of malaria and arthritis, although not for the coronavirus.

“The President asked us to closely analyze this drug. We want to do it by implementing an extended clinical trial and pragmatic to get information and answer all the questions that are raised, ”said FDA Director Stephen Hahn.

He further noted that while the FDA is willing to “remove all obstacles” to accelerate innovations also has the “responsibility” to “ensure that the products are safe and effective”. d