Today’s horoscope, Friday, March 20, 2020



There are eagerness to want to eat the world and to be able to achieve with security and responsibility what they propose. Today Arians seek what they will find, say they will be heard. Complete and positive moment in every way. Impeccable job interviews with encouragement and freshness.

Moment: red in color.


Taurus with a lot of homework ahead especially at home and those who even had to take work home. Find the time to walk or do some physical activity. Pleasant surprise on the emotional level. Day suitable for signatures and arrangements, meetings and the realization of projects.

Moment: butter colored.


Gemini vitality and enthusiasm on this day with possible meetings with friends or family. Interesting events with a lot of emotion and shared joys. Positive news reaches you financially. It would be a day to negotiate and activate.

Moment: orange in color.


Cancerians with scheduled departures or social commitments that should not be canceled. There is always the possibility when opening the door of the house. Going out, knowing, searching are the keys to grow and achieve goals in every way. Pay attention to the procedures they carry out.

Moment: fuchsia color.


A day with a lot of work but satisfactory. Leoninos a day with energy to want to be with yourself, do things you want, walk or go somewhere. Being alone is also important to collaborate in achieving balance with oneself and with others. Time grants.

Moment: silver in color.


Virginians with a feeling of being busy with responsibilities they may not want to have. It happens that things happen in life that sometimes are difficult for us to assume or do. Seek to relax and seek the best part of each thing. Something irritable day, seek to be calm, it is always good.

Moment: light gray.


Librians with a lot of inspiration, will have a day in which they will seek to undertake an activity that gives them the feeling of enriching the spirit. There is an affinity for Art and a desire to express itself. Release. Love that is sought and that can be found. Do not give up or get depressed.

Moment: violet in color.


Scorpios wanting to put aside so much responsibility that they always take themselves for others. They will feel relief and will see that there are always other options in the management of daily life. Love with surprise for both those who already have partners and new ones.

Moment: mauve.


Try to focus on not dwelling so much on the doubts that arise internally in front of your projects or ventures, and try yourself. Life always offers possibilities, do not fear. Love with a certain sense of remoteness that they may need to allow themselves to take a truce.

Moment: red in color.


The goats in need of being able to work their inner heart and try to bring out their traits of mistrust over others. We know that we are all wrong and that there are also people who do it on purpose. It is important to be correct, what others do is up to you.

Moment: jet color.


Think about whether you are safe before making financial decisions. Aquarius has anxiety and that is the point that often makes them make mistakes. Plan easy, there is time. Love with mutual trust deepening giving them a greater sense of togetherness and well-being.

Moment: amethyst color.


Try not to feel that others are attacking you, but rather think differently. It is interesting to work that part of us for the good of all. The Pisces will open their learned hearts and will positively advance in the way of bonding. There are necessary procedures that will give you certain solutions.

Moment: Pink color.


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