Coronavirus: the residents of Pinamar blocked the entry of tourists to the city

Despite the controls that the police are doing at the entrance to the city of Pinamar, the neighbors joined in and prevented the entry of tourists. And they even demanded that they show the documents.

A scene like this was lived this Thursday afternoon and was recorded by a user of TN and The People, who shared his video on the citizen journalism portal.

The same mayor of the seaside resort, Martín Yeza asked the national government this Thursday to strengthen controls on national and provincial routes to prevent tourists from visiting that city during the long weekend. What they are looking for is to comply with the Executive’s request, not to mobilize unless it is strictly necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“If I don’t block the entrances, the neighbors will block it,” Yeza warned in dialogue with Telam and noted that a large number of tourists have already arrived at that seaside town when the suspension of classes was dictated, last Sunday.

And he added: “The people of Pinar del Río are asking us not to enter. That is a competition that only the President of the Nation has by National Constitution. They are going to have to do something because I can’t control Route 2 “.

Then it was the residents themselves who took action on the matter and settled in the access to the city, preventing the passage of tourists as seen in the video.

“How can you not let me into my house?” Says the man who wants to pass. “Skinny if you’re not from Pinamar, tomatelá, the c … of your mother”, answers an angry neighbor, who also asked him to show the document.

“A lot of people are going to want to come from this Friday to their own house,” said the mayor about homeowners in that city, and assured that the rest of the neighboring towns face the same situation.

“People think that we can cut off circulation and it is not like that. We only delay them but then they come in,” he said of that process.

In addition, it indicated that Pinamar “has all shops closed, circulation must be reduced, because otherwise the risk to the population of the city is very high. ”