They took him in a supermarket and he spat at the cashier: “There you have coronavirus”

Concerns about the advance of the coronavirus have filled the aisles of supermarkets across the country in recent days. In this context, an unusual and unpleasant event took place last weekend in the province of San Juan, when a customer spat in the face of a cashier “because it was delayed” in charging you.

“There you have coronavirus”, were the words of the violent man after attack the employee from the Híper Libertad branch, which is part of the Paseo Libertad shopping center in the province’s capital.

Although the incident occurred before the sight and shock of all the other customers waiting in line and the rest of the employees, nobody intervened in defense of the attacked woman.

“We understand that nobody acted, it seems that security was not close. We have to make sure that this does not happen again. We ask surveillance near the boxes so that they enforce the space between each one, “he assured in dialogue with The net Mirna Moral, Secretary General of the Trade Union of Employees (SEC).

Moral condemned the attitude of many people who mistreat those who are doing their jobs and also recognized that, as a result of this episode, they warned that the number of controls was not enough what they were doing and that the employees did not have gloves or had been given alcohol, as preventive measures to avoid contagion.