They ask the government to suspend the PAIS tax

The main chambers of the tourism sector warned that they face a situation never seen before, with no prospect for the next two months

Entrepreneurs in the tourism sector in the country asked the government, among other economic relief measures, Keep in mind to eliminate the 30% surcharge on the purchase of international tickets or services abroad, which is related to the PAIS tax.

This conversation began last Friday when the president of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT), Aldo Elias, and other leaders in the sector met with the area’s minister, Matías Lammens, where they asked him to declare a tourist emergency.

According to they estimate, the measure could alleviate the situation that thousands of Argentine tourists are going through who are being affected by the closing of borders.

Regarding the current situation they are suffering, the main chambers of the tourism sector warned that they face an “exceptional situation never seen before” and that in some destinations reservation cancellations are between 95% and 100% and with no perspective for the next two months.

“We are in an exceptional situation never before seen in the number of travel cancellations as a result of the restrictions and the closing of borders,” said Fabricio Di Giambattista, vice president of Tourism of the Argentine Chamber of Medium-sized Enterprises (CAME).

With the closing of borders, what was once a relocation, today is transformed into postponement or return, within a complex system that is not selling anything in the future, “said the manager.

From the Association of Tourism Hotels (AHT) they also described a similar panorama.

“The drop has been direct for both destinations with international and national guests and many cancellations were reflected in the corporate and event segments,” said Roberto Amengual, president of AHT and the Amerian hotel chain.

“There are cases in the country of a drop of 100% of occupation, but we see the average in the order of 85% and 95%,” he said, highlighting the temporary closure of hotels in different destinations in the country “for not having occupation “

The businessman placed “between 0% and 5% the current occupation nationwide with a projection at the end of March, with no prospect for the next 60 days.”

In the case of the City of Buenos Aires, according to the data managed by AHT, the high-end hotel sector had losses of more than US $ 20 million since the virus appeared..

Regarding employment, Amengual said that “vacations, licenses and more are being brought forward,” reasoning that he considered it essential “to obtain incentives (fiscal and tax) tending to maintain job sources.”

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