The sale of “notebooks” grows and there is concern about the lack of “stock”

Sales of notebooks they shot up this month and, with some 36,000 units sold in the first three weeks across the country, the usual pace of this business doubled.

The data, released by the Télam agency, was supplied by companies in the sector that indicated that demand soared as a result of the advance of the coronavirus and the recommendations to reduce as much as possible the presence of people in the companies, which has led to many to telework.

“The truth is that the sales of notebooks more and more are surpassed every day ”, assured the commercial director of Frávega, Alejandro Taszma.

The executive specified that “in the second week of March, with respect to the first, growth was 60 percent; and this week, the increase compared to the first is 80 percent. “

Taszma remarked that “12,000 machines are sold on average per week throughout the country, all shops, not just Frávega”, and acknowledged that “if this trend continues, there may be some missing problem”.

For his part, Fernando Moles, manager of XTR, a company dedicated to the sale of computer equipment, agreed: “In recent days there was a sharp increase in demand for notebooks of a professional nature, as a consequence of the companies’ decision to implement teleworking. Today there is very little stock

He added that “in consumer notebook computers, demand did not grow as much” and that, therefore, “there are not so many supply problems.”

The notorious increase represented in three weeks 12 percent of the annual sales of notebooks, that in Argentina they add 300 thousand units.

At this rate, it is estimated that in a couple of months there will be a shortage of stock to meet such demand, if the trend continues.

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