New coronavirus train scheme: there were pushes and runs in Eleven

While the Government is debating new emergency measures to contain the progress of the coronavirus, crowded trains they departed from Once Station. In doing so, the passengers violated the minimum distance restrictions established, while violating the prohibition of traveling standing inside the formations. Around 18, many crowded into the terminal gate and pushed for the police cordon that was holding them back.

The images transmitted by the screen of TN minutes after 17 showed long lines of people waiting to get on the different trains that leave from the station, which started off full of crowded passengerswhere the majority was standing.

Last Tuesday, Meoni had specifically prohibited such conduct as of this Thursday, among other measures announced to decrease the spread of Covid-19 among users of public transport.

That is why, in order to enforce the Government resolution, around 18:00 a police cordon at the station entrance. But when the troops they tried to lower the blind of the entrance in order to then normalize the situation in each car, people began to advance quickly into it and they pushed them to get in.

After the episode, the authorities they managed to close the entrance to the station, and they continued the tasks to control the return of the passengers according to the established protocols.

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