Juan Grabois arrested in the middle of a demonstration in the Microcentro


The social leader Juan Grabois and other protesters were arrested in front of the headquarters of the Government Control Agency (AGC), where they arrived after a mobilization in search of justice by a street vendor who was run over during a police operation and died.

The protesters arrived at the headquarters of Calle Perón 2941. They painted, threw blunt objects at the building, and smashed glass.

“The relatives and colleagues of Beatriz Mechato Flores mobilized today to the AGC to ask for Justice for her death,” they called

The City Police intervened and arrested 14 people, including Juan Grabois, leader of the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP).

The deceased vendor sold stockings at Once (Photo: Twitter @canalabiertoar)

The groups that called for the mobilization denounced that “Matías Lanusse and Alejandro Cohen (AGC officials) are responsible for the death of Beatriz and responsible for this outrage against our colleagues “and demanded that they give explanations and be” removed from office. ”

The death of Beatriz Mechato

Beatriz Mechato Flores was 75 years old and sold stockings at Once. On Tuesday, she was hit by a motorcyclist on Avenida Pueyrredón, when, according to witnesses, escaped from an operation that the City police to prevent the seizure of their merchandise.

The SAME ambulance took her to the Vélez Sarsfield hospital, but her condition was complicated and she died.


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