Due to the coronavirus, trains modify their schedule and will stop at fewer stations


In the middle of the pandemic of coronavirus, Argentine Trains modified the railway service within the Metropolitan Area after the disposition of the Ministry of Transportation and announced that the formations will stop at certain stations.

The state company established the following schedule service operations on business days, from midnight on Thursday, March 19 and until March 31, inclusive.

Sarmiento Line:

The Once-Moreno service will operate stopping only at Once, Liniers, Morón, Merlo and Moreno stations.

San Martín Line:

The Retiro – Pilar service will only stop at Retiro, Palermo, Sáenz Peña, Caseros, Hurlingham, José C. Paz and Pilar stations.

Roca Line:

It will only stop at the following stations according to its branch:

Alejandro Korn branch: Stops at Constitución, Temperley, Longchamps, Glew, Guernica and A. Korn stations.

Ezeiza branch: Constitución, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Temperley, Llavallol, Monte Grande and Ezeiza.

Branch La Plata: Constitución, Berazategui, Plátanos, Hudson, Villa Elisa and La Plata.

Forest branch line via Quilmes: Constitución, Quilmes, Ezpeleta, Berazategui, Ranelagh and Bosques.

Forest branch via Temperley: Constitución, Lomas de Zamora, Claypole, Ardigó, Florencio Varela and Bosques.

Belgrano Sur Line:

It will not be modified at the stops of the Sáenz – G. Catán and Sáenz – Marinos branches.

Miter Line:

Ramal Tigre: Retiro, Rivadavia, Martínez, San Isidro, Victoria, Carupá and Tigre stations.

Branch José León Suárez: Retirement, Minister Carranza, General Urquiza, San Martín, Villa Ballester and José León Suárez.

Branch Bme. Miter: Retiro, Minister Carranza, Coghlan, Saavedra, Juan B. Justo, Florida, Cetrángolo and Bartolomé Miter.

In this way, the trains are added to the modifications of the subway service in the City of Buenos Aires.

For the past week, trains, subways and buses have been intensifying hygiene and cleaning tasks.

In addition, Argentine Trains asked passengers to contact 0800-222-TREN (8736) or enter www.argentina.gob.ar/transporte/trenes-argentinos with any questions.

News in development that is being updated.


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