Coronavirus in Argentina | How do trains, buses and subways work?

The Public transportation They modified the service in order to keep the spread of the coronavirus at low levels: from this Thursday until March 31 inclusive, subways and trains in the metropolitan area adapted to the measures ordered by the Government and changed their schedules. In buses, passengers may not travel standing.

All these deadlines are not final and can be modified, indicated from the Ministry of Transport to

The City of Buenos Aires concentrates 70 percent of the cases of those infected with Covid-19 and the request for social isolation seems to have been heard by users: in the last 24 hours, they were almost 200,000 people less those who used the public transport system in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, which add to the 1,974,775 passengers who stopped circulating this week.

With preventive measures and modifications, this is how public transport works in the Metropolitan Area:


Normal service on all lines (from 1 to 199). They may only circulate with seated passengers. Nation invited the provinces to follow the same protocol.


All lines operate but will only allow passengers to board:

-Head stations.

-The combination stations between lines.

-Transfer stations with railways and gauge.

-The important stations due to their proximity to hospitals and health centers.

This is how the subway service works.


Sarmiento Line. The Once-Moreno service will operate stopping only at Once, Liniers, Morón, Merlo and Moreno stations.

San Martín Line. The Retiro – Pilar service will only stop at Retiro, Palermo, Sáenz Peña, Caseros, Hurlingham, José C. Paz and Pilar stations.

Roca Line. It will only stop at the following stations according to its branch:

-Alejandro Korn Branch: stops at Constitución, Temperley, Longchamps, Glew, Guernica and A. Korn stations.

-Ramal Ezeiza: Constitución, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Temperley, Llavallol, Monte Grande and Ezeiza.

-Ramal La Plata: Constitución, Berazategui, Plátanos, Hudson, Villa Elisa and La Plata.

-Ramal Bosques via Quilmes: Constitución, Quilmes, Ezpeleta, Berazategui, Ranelagh and Bosques.

-Ramal Bosques via Temperley: Constitución, Lomas de Zamora, Claypole, Ardigó, Florencio Varela and Bosques.

Belgrano Sur Line:

It will not be modified at the stops of the Sáenz – G. Catán and Sáenz – Marinos branches.

Miter Line

Ramal Tigre: Retiro, Rivadavia, Martínez, San Isidro, Victoria, Carupá and Tigre stations.

Branch José León Suárez: Retirement, Minister Carranza, General Urquiza, San Martín, Villa Ballester and José León Suárez.

Branch Bme. Miter: Retiro, Minister Carranza, Coghlan, Saavedra, Juan B. Justo, Florida, Cetrángolo and Bartolomé Miter.

Urquiza Line

It will only stop at stations: Gral. Lemos, Rubén Darío, Martín Coronado, Bosch, Lynch, Federico Lacroze and Agneta. The latter, for lost express of the Campo de Mayo Military Hospital.

What about long distance services, flights and routes

Long-distance trains and buses: Suspended from Thursday, March 19 to Tuesday, March 24, inclusive.

Cabotage flights: Suspended from Thursday, March 19 to Tuesday, March 24, inclusive.

National routes: road controls on national routes of the ANSV and CNRT, together with the jurisdictions.

Ports: Only Argentines or residents may enter. Provinces were invited to adopt the same measures.