Coronavirus | In a video, the man who hit the security guard apologized: “I’m a coward.”

On Saturday, the video of the personal trainer who savagely beat a security guard in his building to avoid quarantine for coronavirus It caused rejection on social networks, to such an extent that Alberto Fernández himself referred to what happened. In this context, this Wednesday the aggressor shared a brief recording in which he described himself as “a coward” and He apologized “to the security guard, to society” and even to the President of the Nation.

I wanted to apologize to Gustavo (the security guard) for having assaulted himHe did not deserve that aggression. I sincerely apologize and I hope you can forgive me, “said Miguel Ángel Paz from his apartment, where he is detained for” injuries and threats, “and serving 14 days of isolation after returning from a trip to the United States.

To all of society and to all Argentines who saw the videoKnow that I am sorry, I am a coward, “continued the 40-year-old man, adding:”To the authorities and the President, for taking the time to take action on this matter, (I tell you) that I did not take real dimension of the preventive measures “.

The attack, which was recorded by security cameras, it happened around 9:20 pm on Saturday passed in a building located in Rosales 2793, in the town of Olivos, when the security guard identified as Gustavo Granucci denounced the aggression by Paz.

The event occurred in the security worker’s room, where Peace, who is a tenant in the building, he showed upset And started to insulting and hitting the employee Because he had warned him that he did not comply with the coronavirus quarantine established for people returning from risk areas.

After an unpublished investigation by video call made last Monday, the judge of Guarantees 4 of San Isidro, Esteban Rossignoli, ordered his formal detention, which had been requested by the prosecutor in charge of the case, Martín Gómez, who accused him of “injuries and threats”.

In addition, Paz began a second file in which federal judge 2 of San Isidro, Lino Mirabelli, intervenes for the possible violation of articles 205 and 239 of the National Penal Code, which contemplate the protection of general health. and the crime of disobedience.

The case motivated the opinion of the president himself Alberto Fernández, who said that with acts like this you have to be “inflexible”, and that the aggressor “you must pay the consequences of what you have done

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