Coronavirus | Controls on Route 2 are advanced to discourage tourism

In order to discourage the movement of people on this long weekend, the Government advanced to Thursday at 13 the beginning of control operations at the exits of the city of Buenos Aires.

The Ministry of Transport established the main checkpoint on the Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway at the height of the Hudson toll.

The National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) set up a bolt operation to measure body temperature to drivers and passengers They are heading towards Route 2.

In the case of detecting fever, Buenos Aires Police officers and doctors from the Armed Forces will compel the driver and his companions return to your home. They may even escort you.

If that family, once they return to their place of origin, do not comply with the mandatory quarantine for having the symptoms, the authorities they will denounce them to justice for violating the emergency decree.

On the other hand, the Minister of Security, Sabina Frederic, ordered the Gendarmerie extend route controls throughout the country to discourage the circulation of people for tourist purposes in the long weekend.

“We plan to make checkpoints on the routes with the Gendarmerie and hinder transit and only allow the passage of cargo transport,” said Frederic on Wednesday.

The Government recommended that workers who may not go to work stay home due to the coronavirus, but hundreds of families went on vacation to Monte Hermoso, near Bahía Blanca.

President Alberto Fernández was angry with people who went on vacation amid the government’s effort to slow down the advance of the pandemic. They will now tighten the controls.